Monday, September 29, 2008

Mistakes Guests Will Make

There will be guests that act inappropriate, make requests or even simply be rude at your wedding or days leading up to your wedding. What can you do? This is your wedding, people can make suggestions but in the end it is your dream and your style that you will incorporate into your wedding. Your wedding day will go by quickly, don’t let the little things bother you.

Here are a few mistakes guests make:

1-Not sending RSVPs.
What is so hard in this? I will never figure it out. You were provided with an addressed envelope and a stamp----just drop it in the mail!

2-Sending RSVPs with extra guests
Weddings are expensive! If I didn’t invite you, don’t invite yourself.

3-Buy Non-Registry Gift
As much as all gifts are appreciated, I took the time out to register for a gift can you not buy something else because you “think” I would like that better …lol

4-Show up late
Guests will do this. It is very rude, but again, don’t let it bother you

5-Bring a Big Gift to the Wedding
All gifts are appreciated but send it to my house or give it to me at the shower.

6-Unexpected Toasts
Leave the toasting to the Best Man and the Maid of Honor

7-Requesting Songs
Let the DJ do his job. This is not your party, do not put in special requests

8-Drinking too much
Know your limit. Yes, it is an open bar, but we don’t want you acting crazy and ruining the night.

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