Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Buffets

More and more couples are doing candy buffets at their weddings. This serves as an alternative to the Viennese Hour and it may also serve as favors for the guests. The big advantage here is if you wanted a Viennese hour but cannot afford it, this gives you a chance to still have some favorite sweets for your guests.

When doing a candy buffet consider some of the following:

-Make sure you have enough candy for your guests
-Do want to do the buffet based on your color scheme (it adds a special touch)
-Know the shape and size of the display table, so you can map out the arrangement of the candy
-Will you rent or purchase containers or scoops

If you plan to do this I hope these pics inspire you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bride Totes

I received this email and thought I would pass this on. If you are a lover of might like this. Go to Classy bride for more info

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DIY Facial-take a break from planning the wedding

Feeling stressed from wedding planning but don't have time to make it to the spa?

Here are some DIY recipes for facial serum, based on your type of skin (found on MarthaStewart):

For Dry Skin

Ingredients1-ounce bottle1/2 ounce avocado oil1/2 ounce evening primrose oil6 drops rose geranium essential oil3 drops lavender essential oil2 drops German chamomile


Fill bottle halfway with avocado oil. Add essential oils, cap bottle, and shake well. Top off with half ounce of evening primrose oil and shake again.

For Oily Skin

Ingredients1-ounce bottle1/2 ounce apricot oil1/2 ounce hazelnut or jojoba oil6 drops rosemary essential oil3 drops juniper essential oil4 drops neroli essential oil


Fill bottle halfway with apricot oil. Add essential oils, cap bottle, and shake well. Top off with half ounce of hazelnut or jojoba oil and shake again.

For Sensitive Skin

Ingredients1-ounce bottle1/2 ounce jojoba oil1/2 ounce rosehip seed oil3 drops everlasting essential oil2 drops German chamomile6 drops rose geranium essential oil


Fill bottle halfway with jojoba oil. Add essential oils, cap bottle, and shake well. Top off with half ounce of rosehip seed oil and shake again.

Starting at the chin, move your hands in small circles and continue to the cheeks, around the eyes, and to the forehead. By doing this, you're stimulating circulation and bringing more nutrients to the skin. Follow with a warm compress to increase the absorption of the serum

Monday, October 27, 2008


Who doesn't love a sale?
Recession Eraser-SALE

Is your wedding budget being restricted because of this recession? Book any of our wedding planning packages and receive an additional 10% off our already low prices.
Discount is valid for events through December 31, 2008.
This discount is not valid for existing clients.
Promotion Expires on Dec 31, 2008

Guest Books

A guest book doesn't have to be the traditional book that we are used to seeing.
There are other options out there. Option 1: A photobook with your engagement pictures. Your guests will enjoy looking at the pictures and they can sign along the sides of the pictures.

Option #2: A polaroid guestbook-you can designate a photographer to take pictures of each guest and you can display this in a scrapbook.

Option #3: A Sign-In Board. This board can be displayed at the reception. It usually has a picture of the couple in the middle and guests sign the area around the picture.

Option #4: A Wish Bowl-guests can write a sweet thought or well wishes on a piece of cardstock and drop it in this bowl. The happy couple can then read these cards later. It makes for great reading material on the plane on the way to the honeymoon.

Wedding Workout-Let's Get Physical

Every bride wants to look fabulous on her wedding day, after all...all eyes will be on you. You should first have a goal in mind-whether your plan is to tone up or to lose some of that body fat, this might be helpful. You want to look good and feel good--in your dress and in your body.

Here are some great tips from trainer David Kirsch

* Eat smart To drop weight quickly, I usually recommend avoiding refined carbs like sugar and white bread, which don't have much nutritional value and are hard to eat in smaller portions. Instead, eat more lean protein like fish and poultry, vegetables, and healthy fats (the kind found in avocados, olive oil, and almonds). Also, divide your calories among five or six small meals throughout the day. It's easier for your body to process smaller meals than large ones, and that can keep you from overeating.

* Zero in on your target areas Your dress might show off everything from your shoulders and upper back to your hips and calves. Choose moves that focus on problem spots and put those at the top of your priority list so you don't skip them, especially when you're tired. Aim to work your target areas three or four times a week (muscles need to rest and recover between strength workouts), using a variety of exercises. Of course, don't forget to add cardio to the list--it's the only way to get rid of flab.

These moves will help you get in show-off shape for every event this summer. Warm up for at least five minutes with easy cardio, then do one set of each exercise in order without resting. Complete the circuit three times (then do cardio if you want). On alternate days, do 45 minutes of cardio.

A set of 3- to 8-pound dumbbells, a stability ball, and a medicine ball (optional).
1 Boxing drills
Stand with feet wide and hold a 3- to 5-pound dumbbell in each hand. Do 10 seconds each of crosses (punching forward across body), upper-cuts (punching up and twisting hand so pinkie finger faces chin), and hooks (punching from side to side out wide), alternating arms. Finish with 10 seconds of weighted jumping jacks: Start with hands near shoulders, palms facing forward, and extend arms up when you jump. Repeat series twice, doing each drill for 20 seconds, then 30 seconds.

2 Sumo lunge with frog hop
Stand with feet together and arms bent, hands in fists next to shoulders. Keeping knee bent, arc left leg up in front and wide out to the side (like sumo wrestlers do), then lower into a squat. Rise up, kick left leg out to the left, foot flexed, and return to squat. Jump up, land with knees soft, and repeat. Do 15 reps, then switch sides to complete set.

3 Oblique crunch
Lie faceup on floor and roll slightly to the right so you're resting on the right side of your butt. Place left hand behind head, rest right hand on floor out to the side, and cross ankles [A]. Lift legs and draw head and upper body toward knee [B]. Don't tuck knees toward your chest; use your abs to draw your legs up. Do 10 to 15 reps; on the last one, pulse legs and head toward each other 10 times. Switch sides to complete set.

4 Ball pullover
Hold a 3-pound dumbbell in each hand and lie faceup with a stability ball under your shoulders and a medicine ball between your thighs (optional); keep hips even with torso. Extend arms shoulder-width apart over chest, palms facing forward [A]. Keeping torso still, lower weights behind head and draw them out so they're slightly wider than shoulders [B]. Return to start and repeat. Do 15 reps. If you can, grab 5- or 8-pounders for subsequent sets and do 10 to 12 reps.

5 Crab walk and dip
Sit with knees bent, feet flat, and hands behind hips, fingers pointing away from feet. Lift hips several inches off floor and "walk" backward on hands and feet 5 steps, then walk forward 5 steps. Reverse hands so fingers point toward feet and do 5 dips. Do 10 of each for the second set and 15 of each for the third.

6 Dumbbell wraparound
Hold a 3- to 5-pound dumbbell in each hand and lie with a stability ball under shoulders. Extend arms shoulder-width apart over chest, palms facing each other. Lower weights behind head until arms are parallel with floor, then turn palms away from each other and draw weights in an arc toward legs. Bring ends of weights together over hips, raise arms to start position and repeat. Do 12 to 15 reps.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Perfume for your wedding day

I thought you might find this article interesting:

Can a fragrance, a perfume really help you deal with everything that goes into being a bride or a groom? Aromachology, the study of how fragrance affects our moods, seems to indicate so.
So, for such a memorable day as wedding, right perfume selection can make the things edgy. Here are the tips to Right Perfume for Your wedding Day!

When choosing a fragrance for your wedding day, wear one of your favorites that your bride or groom especially likes -- this is no time for surprises!

If you're determined to wear something new, be sure to start experimenting the perfume at least a month before the wedding so that you are certain it is a scent you'll both enjoy.
Apply the same fragrance in all its many forms and layer it -- starting with the bath and ending with your perfume application to the pulse points (wherever you feel the beat of your heart).
For an especially romantic effect, apply fragrance to the palms of your hands.

If you're wearing fashionable sheer lacy gloves take a cue from Queen Elizabeth I and accent them with fragrances and perfumes.

Just before you put on your veil, spray fragrance and surround yourself in a aura of scent. Then, spray the same fragrance on your veil to create a magical aura of scented pleasure.

Arrange your bridesmaids' scents to complement each other -- and you -- for perfect harmony. Their scent should be in the same fragrance family as yours -- oriental, spicy, floral, floral blend, green, modern blend, citrus.

At least that's what aromacologists say :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it too easy to get married?

So yesterday I was listening to Z100 and John Bell mentioned something that I thought was pretty interesting. He said it should be as hard to get married as it is to get a divorced. His reasoning was that so many people take marriage lightly. People rush to get marriaed and when they don't want to fight for their marriage they file for a divorce (which can be a long process). Should more than a marriage license be required to get married? Let me know what you think?

Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (called the "unity candle") in the center. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, a representative from each family (usually the mothers of the bride and groom) light the two taper candles. Later in the ceremony (usually after the formal vows), the bride and groom use the two taper candles to light the large pillar (unity) candle together. Often a unity candle is decorated with the wedding invitation, an inscription, a picture of the couple, or other ornamentation. The candles are almost always white. The lighting ceremony may be accompanied by special music, an explanation of the symbolism, or just some period of mutual gazing by the happy couple.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Weddings? Its been done before......

We all know by now that halloween is not just for kids. If it is your desire to have a halloween themed wedding, I found this article on ehow that you might find useful:

Decoration for Candy Bar

Step1-Keep an open mind. A Halloween theme wedding does not necessarily have to be held on Halloween, it could be held the weekend before as long as it is as close to Halloween as possible. The options are endless for what kind of Halloween wedding to have. You could have an elegant Halloween/Harvest theme decorated in rich fall colors like red, gold and orange with black accents using pumpkins, gourds, squash and Indian corn as decorating elements. You could have a costume ball or masquerade with the bride and groom in lavish wedding attire and the guests would be invited to wear costumes as well. Or you could have a spooktacular wedding event with all the Halloween trimmings; cauldrons, skeletons, ghosts, jack-o'-lanterns and more.

Step2-Planning ahead can save you a lot of money. If you plan your wedding at least a year ahead of time you can get tons of Halloween accessories on clearance after Halloween. Things to look out for include strands of Halloween lights, as well as black and orange candles. Halloween novelty candles are fun, and witch's cauldrons just might be a must. Also look for witches' broomsticks and skeleton bride and groom decorations. A great idea for toasting goblets would be Halloween theme goblets. Other Halloween and autumn theme accessories you may find are ceramic or resin pumpkins, gourds, garlands of leaves and fall flowers or berries. Look for Halloween treat bags and candy bags to use as favor bags for your guests and search for small novelty items to use as the favors – such as mini coffins, skeleton heads, candles, etc.

Step3-Choose your Halloween color scheme. The best color schemes to go with could be the traditional black and orange, or black and red. The groom and groomsmen could all wear black; the bridesmaids could wear black or red dresses. The bride could even wear a black or red dress or go with a traditional white dress in a gothic style. She could wear a long form fitting dress with draped sleeves or a dress with a corset style bodice.

Step4-Plan your Halloween decor. Centerpieces and decorations could range from candles in wrought iron candelabras, pumpkins carved into jack-o'-lanterns, gourds and squash surrounding candles on a mirror tile, black cauldrons with floating candles, or for a more elegant wedding you could opt for fall leaves or fall flowers arranged into a centerpiece. The possibilities are endless. For your bouquets you could use red, orange, or even black roses. You could have accents of gold and black ribbons. Depending on your style you could even incorporate spider webs or other fun Halloween items into your wedding bouquets

Step5-Include the tastes of the season in your menu. On the guest tables you could put little cups of candy corn and nuts for snacks. You could have a buffet of Halloween inspired food. Check out recipe books for Halloween parties; they have fun ideas for spooky Halloween theme food.
Step6-For lots of fun include kitschy Halloween music at the reception. Make sure the DJ has plenty of Halloween song favorites on hand for the reception including “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” the theme from “Ghostbusters” and any other of your favorite Halloween songs. Make sure to hire a DJ that has a good light system and fog machine to add special effects to the dance floor. Other entertainment that you could include might be a fortune teller, palm reader, or tarot card reader.

Here are some favor ideas too:

Candy Corn Playing Cards

Halloween Favor Bags

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bachelorette Party Invites.....

Here is a cute invite we created for a Girl's Night Out

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Choosing your bridal party can be a hard decision. Maybe all your friends will expect you to ask them and this may be a problem if you only want a small bridal party. Are you unsure as to which of your friends you should choose as bridesmaids? Are you thinking that picking one friend over another can cause a conflict? Do you feel like you have to invite someone you'd rather not have involved? These are all things that may cross your mind. Bridesmaids have certain responsiblities and you will need to make this clear to each of your bridesmaids. But at the same time do not expect too much from your maids as they too have their own lives. These cute cards are a unique way to ask your friends "will you be my bridesmaid?" If you are interested in any of these cards, contact us for a quote.


When do you send save-the-dates? I think it is wise to send a save-the-date to guests if your wedding is on a holiday weekend. However, most couples send them whether the wedding is on a holiday weekend or not. Its a cute idea and if you really want people there you want them to know in advance to save the date for this important event. Save-the-dates usually go out 6-12 months before the wedding. One piece of advise----don't send a save-the date to everyone on your guest list. Things change as time goes by, you might need to cut someone from your list. You don't want people saving the date and then later you don't send them an invitation (keep that in mind). I strongly advise only sending to family and really,really close friends. This will include anyone that will need to travel and need the advance notice.
Save-the-date can be little magnets that people can put on their refrigerators or it may be as simple as this:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Choosing a Wedding Gown

Choosing a wedding gown is a very important decision and it may take you days, months or a whole year to find "the one". Not everyone will need to try on over 70 dresses to find the perfect dress (but some may need to). When I was shopping for my gown, I felt like there were so many beautiful gowns out there. I think there is more than one perfect dress for anyone. Maybe that's just me though.
You can choose the perfect dress by looking at dresses appropriate for your body type. This is:
Hourglass figure
Triangle figure
Inverted Triangle figure
Rectangle figure
Full figured
Here is one of my favorites from David's Bridal. It is an Oleg Cassini strapless, sweetheart, beaded lace trumpet gown. Perfect for the person with an hourglass figure

No matter how long it takes you to find the perfect dress, enjoy the process.

In Support of Breast Cancer Research

I am always down for supporting a good cause. If you are too then maybe this is something for you. has these breast cancer donation favor tags and favor boxes. ...Go pink!Visit their website for more ideas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


DO you want to personalize menus for your wedding? I designed this for a bride getting married in November. She simply wanted black and white :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Michelle & Ken's Wedding 10/12/08

It was a busy weekend. I was the day of coordinator for Michelle & Ken’s wedding yesterday. Their ceremony was at St Joseph’s in Hewlett and the reception was at Jericho Terrace. The weather really held up this weekend and they too got some great pictures. Michelle made such a beautiful bride. I wish the couple a long happy marriage.

Some of their vendors:

Photo-Twelfth Night (Dom & Anthony)
Video-Mittermax (Jamie)
Make Up- Safie Russell
Florist-Flower Michelle
DJ-Starlight Express

Their vendors were so good to work with too (which can make a world of difference)

Kim & Scott's Wedding 10/10/08

I was the Day of Coordinator for Kim & Scott’s wedding on Friday. They got married at The Woodlands. It was a beautiful day and the grounds at The Woodlands made for great pictures. They are such a great couple and they were wonderful to work with. Kim & Scott I wish you all the best.

Some of their vendors:

Florist-Flower Michelle
Renegade did such a good job. I am starting to love bands more and more.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unique Wedding Cakes---YUM!

Everyone wants their wedding cake to look and taste great. Do the guests eat it?, but that's besides the point. lol
Here are a few from Martha Hope they inspire you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Liz & Chris's Wedding 10/4/08

Liz and Chris got married at Blessed Sacrament Church in New Rochelle and recpetion followed at Glen Island Harbor Club. It was a long but beautiful day. I had never been at Glen Island Harbor Club until this wedding and I was so impressed. The food was great and the viennese hour was just unbelievable. The couple did a very unique and fun first dance...their guests were so amazed. This couple was so easy to work with. Liz and Chris make a beautiful couple and I wish them many happy years of marriage. Here are some pics (promise to post more later):

A few of their vendors:

Band-Stolen Moments
Photo-Glen Mar
Video- Glen Mar
Hair/Make-up- Fedora
Florist-Diana Gould

Shannon & Raymond's Wedding 10/3/08

Shannon & Raymond got married at Floral Terrace on 10/3/08. (I love Friday wedidngs!) I did the ceremony decor and their personalized aisle runner. I wish Shannon & Ray all the best. Shannon also happens to be my hairstylist. talented. Here are a few pictures:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Personalized Aisle Runners

Today is Shannon's Wedding...I can't wait! She will make a beautiful bride. The couple will be getting married at Floral Terrace. Here is a Personalized Aisle Runner I did for her:


So yesterday I was at the rehearsal of Liz & Chris at Blessed Sacrament Church in New Rochelle. It was such an organized rehearsal. Everyone showed up on time and the Monsignor did a full rehersal. The couple will get married on Saturday and according to the should be a beautiful day. Congrats to Liz & Chris!!! Here are the programs I made for them. The layers at the bottom say " Order of Ceremony", "Wedding Party" and "Acknowledgement":

This is the 3150th wedding for the Monsignor that is doing their wedding....Is that a record or what?!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anniversary Party Invitation

I met two sisters at a showcase last week. They are having a surprise anniversary party for their parents and wanted me to design a simple invitation for them. Their parents have been married for 33 years...WOW! Its nice to see marriages last that long.
Marriage is for ever ever :-)