Friday, October 17, 2008


When do you send save-the-dates? I think it is wise to send a save-the-date to guests if your wedding is on a holiday weekend. However, most couples send them whether the wedding is on a holiday weekend or not. Its a cute idea and if you really want people there you want them to know in advance to save the date for this important event. Save-the-dates usually go out 6-12 months before the wedding. One piece of advise----don't send a save-the date to everyone on your guest list. Things change as time goes by, you might need to cut someone from your list. You don't want people saving the date and then later you don't send them an invitation (keep that in mind). I strongly advise only sending to family and really,really close friends. This will include anyone that will need to travel and need the advance notice.
Save-the-date can be little magnets that people can put on their refrigerators or it may be as simple as this:

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