Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DIY- Herb Boutonniere

Ever thought of using a flower alternative for your guy’s boutonnieres? Well here is a perfect solution. Why not make a boutonniere using herbs? Herbs usually have a symbolic meaning and some do have a nice smell. Rosemary and lavender are a great choice-rosemary represents remembrance and lavender represents devotion.

To try making this yourself you will need the following:
Herbs, wire cutter, ribbon, scissors, floral wire, floral tape, corsage pins, straight pin.

1. Combine sprigs of herbs. Strip the leaves away and cut them about 4 inches in length. Leave approximately 2 inches of the stem.

2. Hold the herbs together and wrap the stem with floral wire (from the leafy part of the stem to the bottom).

3. Now cover the floral wire with floral tape then wrap the tape with ribbon (any color of your choice). Secure the ribbon on the back with a straight pin.

4. Attach the boutonniere to the lapel with a corsage pin and voila!

This only takes a few minutes. You can keep the boutonnieres fresh by placing in a bag and keep in the fridge. (Credit-Image from The Knot)

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