Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tipping Guide

Brides constantly ask for suggestions on what to tip their vendors so I figured I would put this list together. Some brides even forget to include this in their preliminary budget.
The truth is, there is no set rule as to how much you need to tip your vendors. While it is not mandatory to tip vendors, tips are always appreciated. Our tipping guide below might help you. Please note, these are only suggested amounts:

Officiant:This is usually a controversial issue.
Religious officiant-if you are an active member of a church give a donation to the church (around $500).
Non-denominational officiants: just their fee is usually good enough, but if you still wish to.... give around $50-100 (some might even decline this)

Make-Up/Hair: 15-20%

Delivery (florist):$10-15

Baker, Stationer, Party Rentals, Bridal Salon
:Not expected

Limo: 15-20% (in most cases the gratuity was already included in your total cost)

DJ: $50-100

MC: $50-100

Musicians: (band,quartet)$20-30 each

Maitre'd- Usually standard $1.50-$4 per person (depending on your reception hall)

Photographer: $50-100

Videographer: $50-100

Wedding Planner: If your wedding planner owns their own business it is optional to tip him/her. If you do wish to tip him/her 10-15 % should suffice.

Valet: If not included in your final bill, give $1-1.50 per car (to be divided among attendants)

Reception Hall/Caterer
: gratuity is usually included in final cost to be divided among staff.

Tip your vendors for exceptional service provided. Something your vendors will really appreciate is you referring your friends. Referrals are great for business (especially in the wedding industry).

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