Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas-Think Green

Your wedding usually reflects your personal style. If both bride and groom to be are committed to the environment, they can make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. How can you make you wedding eco-friendly? Here are just a few ideas:

1) Your ring:
Being an eco-friendly bride doesn't mean you have to give up your diamond. However, if you don't choose a vintage ring and decide to go with a diamond, make sure your diamond is "conflict free".

2) Your dress:
Choose a vintage dress. Better yet, wear the dress your mother or grandmother wore for their wedding (with a few alterations of course). For something more modern, you can have something customized for you. If you do go that route, choose eco-friendly fabrics.

3) Your invitations:
Choose recycled paper invitations. There are some beautiful ones by Carlson Craft. Invitations made from recycled paper can be just as beautiful.

Decorate with organically grown flowers (especially ones that are still growing).

5) Your Favors
The most obvious thing to do is...plant a tree. These companies, treesinstead and thetreesremember allow you to plant a tree or grove and then you would be sent a certificate to show such.Also mentioned in this previous post is Plant a Memory, they also allow you to give the gift of a tree.Your guests will love these non-traditional approach and appreciate your love for the environment.

6) Plan an eco-friendly honeymoon.
Go to a resort that is environmentally friendly. You may also avoid flying and stay close to home.

If you need more ideas for planning an eco-friendly wedding, Wenona of Everything Green Weddings has some great ideas.

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