Monday, January 5, 2009

Honoring Loved Ones

Weddings are a time to be celebrated with your loved ones. If there is a loved one that that has passed on, there are many ways they can be honored at your wedding. Here are a few suggestions:

Memory Candle
You can light a memory candle either before the ceremony or set on a side table at the reception. You and your guests can take a moment to reflect on the memory of the loved one. It will catch everyone's attention and they may even compliment you on your style. These memory candles may even be further personalized with your colors (as shown below).

Bouquet Charms
The bride may opt to get a bouquet charm with the picture of a loved one. This would be attached to her bouquet for all to see. The one shown below is from EXCLUSIVELY WEDDINGS.

Charms for the Groom
This was worn by one of my past clients (Kim & Scott). The groom wore this pin in honor of both his parents. The charm itself is from KIMBRA STUDIOS and the pin is from an etsy seller(eyelinerdiner).

Make a donation to an organization that means a lot to you or meant a lot to your loved one. Just to name a couple, CANCER SOCIETY or ALZHEIMERS ASSOC.. There are many others out there. Upon making your donation, you can give each guest a scroll/favor card letting them know you did this is lieu of a traditional favor.

Plant a Memory
What better way to have a loved one's memory live on, than by having a "growing memory" in their honor. Plant a Memory offers this unique option.You have the option of giving them actual seedlings or bulbs to take home and plant.

Which one of these options would you incorporate into your wedding?

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