Monday, January 19, 2009

Showing Love to the Husband-to-Be:: A Good Shave

Ladies, have you every stopped to think that your husband-to-be might want the same pre-wedding pampering that you will receive? This week's blog posts are dedicated to all the husbands-to-be.

A Good Shave
We know that he can give himself a shave, but letting his barber do it can leave his skin looking and feeling even better than it normally does.

Let the shave start by placing a hot towel on the face. The moisture and heat will open the pores and soften facial hair to allow for a closer shave.
The barber should then apply a pre-shave oil and shaving cream. After applying the pre-shave creams, the barber will use his straight edge razor on the cheeks and a safety razor on areas where there could be irritation (like around the lips).
Finally, finish up with a cool towel and after-shave.

This may sound a little over the top for your groom (it is definitely not an everyday thing), but having a professional do a good shave will make for an even better look on the wedding day.

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