Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Traditions: : The Chuppah

The chuppah is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings.It consists of a cloth or sheet stretched and supported over four poles.
The chuppah represents the home that the couple will build together. The covering of the chuppah represents the presence of God over the covenant of the marriage.

How or where the chuppah is set up may often differ depending on whether the congregation is Orthodox, Conservative or Reform and whether the customs are Ashkenazi and Sephardic. The custom may require the chuppah to be "roofed" or be set up under open sky.

In modern trends, a chuppah can be made from any material and are even being used in non-Jewish ceremonies. It is often customized/personalized to suit the couple's needs. It can be as simple as having attendants hold the four poles or something more ornate and having a lot of fabric and flowers. Here are a few of some of the more trendy chuppahs used today:

Images 1 & 2 from HERE
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