Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding Flowers:: Gerber

Flowers are an added necessity at weddings. For many brides, her choice for flowers might be one of the most important decisions she makes. This can be a hard decision to make because of the huge variety to choose from. We plan to feature some of the most popular wedding flowers and some of your favorites. Today, our spotlight is on the Gerber.

Did you know that this beautiful flower was discovered back in 1884 in South Africa by Scotsman Robert Jameson? The scientific name (Gerber Jamesonii) recollects the name of its founder and the meaning of its common name draws from German naturalist, Traugott Gerber.

The bold and striking appearance of the Gerbera has made it the most highly prized in the daisy variety. The Gerbera is available in many colors and is said to convey the meaning of innocence, purity and cheerfulness. It ranks as the fifth most popular flower in the world.

Will you choose the Gerber Daisy?

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  1. It's too late for me to chose at this point. (I've been married for 5 But this flower is really beautiful. I had never really noticed it before. But since brides-to-be are always looking for new things, I would definitely suggest it.