Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bridal Registries

Brides are often confused about where to register and what to register for. There are many registries to choose from, shop around for the one that is appropriate for you.It is not a process that has to be rushed, so take your time to look through catalogs and get ideas.
Think about registering for the smallest to the biggest items. This gives everyone a range of gifts to choose from. Most registries provide free online and in-store support for brides and people using the registry.

Some things you might want to ask before you register:
How often would your registry be updated?
What is the return policy?
How long does my registry stay active? Some rgistries stay active for up to two years so guests can continue to purchase items for you (store policies vary).

I recommend you register at a couple of places, as it gives people a range of prices and location that might be convenient for them to shop.

Use a gift recording system so you can keep track of who has sent you a gift (so you can send them a thank you card)

Tell family and friends where you registered and have them spread the word

It is very important that you send thank you cards as soon as you receive gifts. Do not take anything for granted. Everyone that sent you a gift should receive a thank you card.

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