Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Hold Your Bouquet

Do you know how to hold your bouquet?
I have seen this way too often. The bride and bridesmaids are never sure how/where to hold their bouquet. I usually instruct the bridal party during the rehearsal and a little reminder again just before the procession on the wedding day.

I thought this excerpt from The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers might help:

"Hold your bouquet too high and you'll obscure your dress; hold it too low and no one will see the gorgeous blossoms that you chose so carefully. Most likely, one or two people will escort you down the aisle, so practice linking arms with them while holding your bouquet, and check out your form in a mirror.
Hand Held Bouquet- Let your wrists fall above your hipbones and use both hands to hold the stems of the bouquet in front of your belly button.
Presentation Bouquet- Simply rest the bouquet on the lower part of your arm. Be sure you don't hold it too closely, however, or you'll risk crushing or mangling it!"

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