Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Guests to Share Wedding Photos

On the most memorable day of your life you want to see all the pictures that were taken, right? So how do you get guests to share their pictures? Many brides create accounts on photo sharing websites to have guests upload pictures, but the problem with that one ever does. Well Kedai has come up with the ultimate solution. Now you can have your guests share their pictures with you on the very same day with a simple hook up to a kedai photo kiosk (KPK). You can rent a KPK for your event and save yourself the headache of sending endless reminders to guests begging to see pictures they took.

They are more dynamic than a photobooth, light years ahead of the disposable camera movement, and their screen makes sharing highly interactive & fun, instead of being assigned to a task that is nearly always procrastinated-upon once the wedding’s over.


Before fully releasing the (KPK) to the general public, they are strongly committed to testing it with several brides in the next few weeks and are therefore offering it at a 50% discount at all weddings taking place prior to Memorial Day Weekend.

If you want to learn more about how this works, visit their website HERE

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