Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saying Thank You {Part 1}

To many brides, sitting down to write Thank You notes is seen as an extra task and for this reason thank you notes never get sent after a wedding. If people took the time out to show they care by being present at your event or giving you a gift, they deserve the 2 minutes it will take to write and address a thank you note.

Respond in a timely fashion-If you want to follow etiquette, your thank you notes should really be sent 3 months from the point every gift was received. It may seem like a headache to sit and write 100 thank you notes all at once, but the task can be completed if you do a few each night.

Include your new spouse-share the task with him. Including your spouse will make the task less daunting. Also, make sure the note shows the appreciation from both of you. Sign the card as a couple (not an individual).

Personalize your thank you notes- do not do a generalized thank you note. People want to see that you appreciate their gift. Let Jill know you appreciate the toaster she gave you etc.

Join us for Part 2 tomorrow when we will let you know who really gets thank you notes. Do you send thank you notes to guests who attend but don’t give a gift? Stay tuned!

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