Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saying Thank You {Part 2}

Okay, so by now you know how important it is to say thank you. But no matter how much you thank someone in person you must do a written thank you note.
So who do you really give a thank you note to?

Everyone who gave a present
Whether they handed you a present individually or bought a gift as a group you need to send a note. Send notes to anyone that sent a present but couldn’t make it to your affair. Also thank anyone that gave you money.

If you received a note to congratulate or wish you well
If someone sent you an email or a letter wishing you well, be polite and respond to them.

Your attendants
Send you attendants a special note for participating in your wedding and helping to make it as magical as it was.

People who hosted
Send a special thank you to the person(s) who hosted your shower or bachelorette party. You should also thank anyone that hosted or entertained out of town guests.

If your vendors went above and beyond you should send them a note of appreciation. They’ll love you for it

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