Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 items for Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You have planned for months or even years and now the big day is finally here. As a wedding insurance, you want to have an emergency kit to be prepared for the unexpected. There are a lot of items you can have in this emergency kit but we have found that these are the 10 most used items:

1) Sewing Kit (needles, pins, buttons, thread)
2) Tape (fashion tape or double sided tape)
3) Snack Bars & Mints (Bars if you get hungry. Mints for fresh breath before the first kiss)
4) Hair Pins and Hair Spray
5) Over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs {tylenol, tums, benadryl, midol etc.}
6) Mini First Aid Kit
7) Kleenex (someone always cries)
8) Sanitary Products for the ladies
9) Crazy Glue
10)Shout Wipes or Tide Pen

Sometimes the smallest items can be the biggest lifesaver. What's in your emergency kit?

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