Monday, February 15, 2010

Eco-Runners from Custom Wedding Creations

Our friends over at Customized Wedding Creations have a new line of eco-runners that we thought you might be excited about. Nowadays you can order so many other eco-friendly wedding accessories, so why not a runner?
The Eco-runners are completely customizable using all-natural products and organic paints. Made from melted down plastic bottles, this aisle runner is 100% recycled polyester and is painted with water-based paints free from chemicals and solvents. No harmful dyes or chemicals here. The best part, you’d never know this aisle runner is recycled fabric. It looks and feels just like our standard fabric aisle runners!

To see more some of these runners and get more information, visit Customized Wedding Creations Blog

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  1. Lisa, thanks so much for bringing our Eco-Runners to the attention of your readers. :)