Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your Wedding Dress:Post Wedding Day

Every bride is faced with the decision of what to do with their wedding dress after the wedding. You spend hundreds of dollars on your what? We have a few suggestions and hopefully you will find one you are comfortable with:

1. Sell It
You can clean your dress and then sell it. This gives you the opportunity to get back some of the money you spent. There are sites like shejustgotmarried, that allow you do this.

2. Trash It
You have probably seen so many awesome pictures of brides trashing their dresses. "Trash the Dress Shoots" are very popular right now. This is something you can do months after your wedding or even for your one year anniversary. Many photographers do this.I must say, this option is my personal favorite.

3.Preserve It
This is the more popular option (in my opinion). Most brides opt to get their dresses preserved with the hopes that their own child will someday wear it. There are a lot of places that preserve wedding gowns...including your local dry cleaners.

4.Donate It
You can donate it to any local charity or even a thrift store. One organization that we favor is thebridalgarden. The Bridal Garden is a non- profit bridal boutique in NYC showcasing designer and couture wedding gowns up to 75% of their retail prices. You can donate your lightly worn gown to them and the best part...all proceeds benefit education for NYC children.

Which one of these options will you choose?


  1. I just got married in February and have been torn on what to do with it. I have no intentions of having any of my girls wear it so I can't really see a reason to preserve it.

    There is a small tear in the train (from all of the dancing) so I'm not sure I want to make the effort to have it repaired to sell.

    Maybe I'll save it for our anniversary and then do a Trash the Dress Shoot.

    I have two other friends who just got married, we have had conversations about this several times and none of us has made a decision.

  2. Hi Brandi,

    Yes, this can really keep you thinking:). I will be doing a trash the dress shoot myself because I just love being in front of the camera. I hope you and your friends can make a decision soon and the dress won't hang in the closet forever :). Thanks for reading the blog.