Friday, March 6, 2009

Your Very Own Customized Wedding Song

You know you have to choose a First Dance Song for the wedding, but I bet you have never considered having a song written just for you and your new hubby.

Its More Than A Song was created by Ellen Warshaw to give couples the opportunity to customize their wedding song. Ellen will work with you to put together a song based on your experience and love for each other.
Your song can be written in any genre: rock, R&B, alternative, folk, country etc. More importantly....your song will be exclusively YOURS.

We personally love this idea and know that wedding budgets vary, so contact Ellen to see what she can create for you.

For more info go HERE.

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  1. This is highly recommendable. Every couple should have their OWN song. We, too, have our own which we asked a Sweet 16 DJ in Manhattan to perform in our wedding last December.