Friday, October 17, 2008

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Choosing your bridal party can be a hard decision. Maybe all your friends will expect you to ask them and this may be a problem if you only want a small bridal party. Are you unsure as to which of your friends you should choose as bridesmaids? Are you thinking that picking one friend over another can cause a conflict? Do you feel like you have to invite someone you'd rather not have involved? These are all things that may cross your mind. Bridesmaids have certain responsiblities and you will need to make this clear to each of your bridesmaids. But at the same time do not expect too much from your maids as they too have their own lives. These cute cards are a unique way to ask your friends "will you be my bridesmaid?" If you are interested in any of these cards, contact us for a quote.

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