Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding the Right Reception Venue

So now you are engaged and the next step is finding the "perfect" reception hall. Why is choosing the right hall so important? This is the place where most of the couple's wedding memories will be made. Guests will remember the food here, they will also remember the atmosphere there.....and you know they will talk about it!
Consider more than one venue and visit them all. Choose something within your price limit. Also, ensure that this venue can accommodate the amount of guests you plan to invite.

A few things to consider when you visit each hall:

1) What are your pricing packages and what do they include?
2) Do you provide catering services on site? Can we provide our own if we choose?
3) Will you provide the cake or do we need to get it from a bakery?
4) How many hours are included in the venue rental?
5) Is there an additional cost to have the ceremony at the wedding reception venue?
6) How many servers/waitstaff/bartenders will be provided based on our expected number of guests?
7) Is there a bridal suite for the bridal party?
8) Will there be other wedding receptions happening at the same time here as mine?
9) What additional charges are there for additional services such as open bar, valet parking, etc?
10) What is the availability of the venue during the desired timeframe?
11) Is the staff friendly and professional?

Compare the above information for all the venues you visit and narrow down your choices.
You will need to reserve your venue at least 1 year prior to the date you wish to be married (even earlier in some cases). This is an important decision, but as always----enjoy it!

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