Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Hi, my name is Lisa. Thanks for visiting my blog.
About Us:
Elite Affairs, LLC offers full service wedding planning, day of coordination, invitations and other creative services. We currently serve the NY and NJ regions but hope to expand sooner than later. Feel free to CONTACT US for more information. As time goes by, I will be post some of my work here. Feel free to leave comments.

So Blogs are the "in thing" now. I am very technologically challenged but decided I needed to start one. I enjoy reading other blogs so hopefully people will enjoy reading mine too.

So I have been married for 45 days now. WOW! Where did the time go? I am enjoying the married life so far and look forward to 50 more years (at least)..lol.

Let me start by giving some advice to all the soon to be brides. Weddings can be a stressful process, but it does not have to be. It can also be fun.....I promise. Here are some things that might help you through the whole planning process:

1) Stay within your budget. ....its actually possible to do this.
2) Don’t let family or friends stress you out with how to plan your own wedding. It’s your day, you do what you want.
3) You will know your true friends when it comes around to your wedding. If someone you really expected to be there for you doesn’t show an interest, don’t sob about it.
4) You will get overwhelmed at some point during the planning, just breathe, make a list of all your “to-do’s” and take it one step at a time.
5) Some things you should spend the extra money on: Photography. Be the judge for yourselves. I had an awesome photographer!
6) Do It Yourself (DIY) what you can. I saved a ton DIYing stuff.
7) Everyone will not RSVP. As easy as the process is, some people just won’t. Don’t sweat it, just call them up.
8) Start planning early. Don’t think you have an unlimited amount of time because time flies by so fast.
9) Do your research. You will want quality but it is possible to get quality at a good price. Compare your prices before you make a decision.
10) You don’t have to invite everyone you know to your wedding.

Happy Planning!

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