Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Trash the Dress Shoot

So I think I realized how much I loved being in front of the cameras just around the time of my engagement shoot. I guess I feel like a superstar in front of the camera. I basically look for every opportunity to dress up and pose.

So a few weeks ago, I went out with Jenn and Efrain of JadoreLove Photography for my trash the dress shoot (TTD). We stayed in downtown NYC, by City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge.
So that Sunday turned out to be a very long day. It started out with me going to the NYC WalkforAutism at 10 am. The walk is only 2 miles, so the family did that then I raced home to drop off hubby and baby and race back to the city to get my make-up done for the shoot. I have to give a big shout out to the make-up artist Erica Patino, she did an awesome job!
The TTD was supposed to be done in Central Park, but that was a bad idea since we forgot that Puerto Rican day parade was the same day. ….So City Hall it was.
There I was walking through the city and everyone congratulating me like I just got married. I didn’t tell them otherwise, I just said thank you and kept it moving. No one wondered where the groom was? I even had 3 people stop me at different points and said they wanted to take a picture of me because they thought I looked so pretty. I was flattered, but a little weird to take a picture of someone you don’t know,huh? Is that how celebrities feel when the paparazzi take their pictures? lol
We were done with the City Hall area and then Efrain said he thought we should get some shots on the Brooklyn Bridge. I have never walked across this bridge before because I hate bridges, but I went ahead by holding on to Jenn the whole time (see from the picture). I was so beat at the end of the day. My feet were hurting and it was just time to take off both shoes and dress. The day was very fun and fabulous and I felt proud that my dress still fit.

I just love black and white pics

Me being a clown

NYC Subways

Watch out now

Hit Me!

Just feeling pretty

Am I getting wet...hmmmmm?

I told you I was scared of bridges-look at me holding on to Jenn

Again, special thanks to Efrain, Jenn of Jadore Love and Erica Patino (NYC Make Up Artist)


  1. Oh Lisa!

    Your shoot was hot! ME NEXT! Here's to hoping my dress still fits too... lol

    ~ Rachel

  2. Very pretty!Looks like you had lots of fun!This is something I am looking forward to as well-hopefully I am as lucky as you and my dress still fits=)

  3. You looked beautiful, love the shoes ;)!!

  4. Thanks ladies! @ Rachel and @ Catherine, i am sure your dresses still fit :)