Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shuttle for Guests

If you have out of town guests, it is a nice gesture to provide shuttle service for them especially if the ceremony and reception sites are far apart. Chartering transportation for guests also allow guests to enjoy the reception and not worry about drinking and driving. Here are some guidelines on how to arrange shuttle service:

Convenience-Make sure this shuttle service is convenient for your guests. It should be communicated to the guests, where the shuttle will leave from and at what time. You don’t want any guests to be left behind and you don’t want them confused about where transportation will pick up and drop them off.

Allow enough time for travel-You may have traveled back and forth to your venues a dozen times and think the whole tip will take 20 minutes, but will a shuttle bus take the same route as cars do? Factor in all these scenarios to ensure that guests arrive at your wedding on time.

Get an accurate count- Don’t over or underestimate the guest count. The last thing you want is to not have adequate space for everyone. If the shuttle has to make additional trips, this may also mean more money for you to pay up.

Pay Up- Sort out payment issues preferably before the day of the wedding. However, on the day of don’t forget to tip the driver(s) for a job well done.

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